The IntelMark AP-COMBI is designed for marking steel products in harsh industrial environment.

The combination of differenet marking technologies (paint or ink DOD marking, dot-pin stamping, spray marking) with common control and customized design makes the IntelMark AP-COMBI marking machine a perfect solution for optimizing any plate production line with respect to marking and identification. 

The marking machines provides high resolution paint marking in different font sizes and number of lines, permanent dot-pin marking and paint frames around stamped marking, which can be applied while the product is moving or during standstill.

If necessary IntelMark AP-COMBI can be equipped by descaling devices, air knives for water or dust removing, and aspiration system for paint vapuor  removal.

The system can mark both cold and hot steel, with a temperature be marked surface up to 350°C using standard range of inks, or up to 1200ºC with special paints.

The IntelMark AP-COMBI can be also combined with our patented plate edge marking system, which can mark plate edge by special high-temperature metal tag with barcode.

Marking machine can be based on steel constructions with pneumatic or electro-mechanical arrangements, as well as on the basis of industrial robot.

Simple and easy to implement interfaces are supplied to connect the machine to existing Level 2 automation systems. However, the IntelMark AP-COMBI can also be used as a stand-alone system. A wide range of communication interfaces allows easy integrating the marking machine with the enterprise information system and receiving the appropriate marking information in real time. 

The machine is designed to work in harsh conditions of metallurgical production with high reliability and low operating costs. IntelMark AP-COMBI operates in fully automatic mode and requires operator intervention only to perform system maintenance, refuelling marking ink and other maintenance works.


  • IntelMark AP-P marking machine
  • IntelMARK AS-W PE Marking MACHINE
  • IntelScan optical recognition system

  • IntelMark AP-COMBI
    marking machine



Type of marking for ink or paint dot matrix or continuous lines
Type of marking for stamping dot matrix
Temperature of the product up to 1200°C
Character height (ink marking) from 3 to 140 mm
Number of characters per row (ink marking) unlimited
Character height (stamping) from 4 to 50mm
Number of characters per row (stamping) up to 50
Number of colors for ring marking up to 8
Marking cycle 18-20 sec
Characters set cyrillic, latin, chinese characters, numbers, graphical logos, barcodes, special codes (SteelCode), 2D matrix codes
Power supply about 10 kWA
Air consumption about 7 bar, 10 Nm3/h
Supported interfaces ProfiBus, Modbus, Industrial Ethernet, TCP/IP, RS-232, RS-485
Moisture protection IP 67
Working load not less than 7500 hours per year
Life cycle not less than 10 years

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